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How do I make an appointment?

Contact Speak, Learn and Grow Speech Pathology Services by phone on (02) 9526 2788 or email at [email protected]. A receptionist will take your details, discuss our services and any questions or concerns you may have, and arrange an appointment time.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, anyone can refer for Speech Pathology. You will, however, need a doctor’s referral if you are planning to claim a rebate through Medicare (see below).

How much will Speech Pathology cost?

Our fees are based upon the type of service we provide and the time that we spend with you. We offer a range of services including assessments, reviews, treatment sessions and programming. These services will be tailored to your individual needs, but you can refer to the guide below to give you an approximate guide to the cost. Please contact us to discuss what may apply in your individual circumstances.

As a guide only the following rates apply:

  • 60 minute therapy session $168
  • 1 Hour assessment (preschool aged child) $290
  • 1.5 Hour assessment (school aged child) $380
Can I claim any rebates from my private health insurance fund or Medicare?

Private health insurance funds generally include Speech Pathology in their “extras” or “ancillary” cover options, so you may be eligible for rebates depending upon the level of cover you have. The amount that will be paid varies from fund to fund, and for the type of service claimed, so you will need to contact your health fund directly to determine the rebates you will receive.

You may also be eligible for rebates for up to five (5) appointments per calendar year, through the Medicare Allied Health Initiative. Your doctor will need to complete an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) form before you attend Speech Pathology. You will be required to pay for your Speech Pathology services at the time of your appointment, and then we can process/refund the Medicare portion on your behalf.

Some clients may be eligible to claim additional rebates from Medicare under the “Helping Children With Autism” package.

  • We are NDIA registered, please call Speech and Learning Services to discuss our fee template for NDIS clients.
Are you an NDIS Service Provider?

Yes, we are registered as a Service Provider with NDIS. If you have a NDIA managed plan, we are able to make claims directly to them. You will need to sign a service agreement outlining the costs and processes involved during the term of your plan. You will also be required to sign an attendance sheet each time your child attends a session.

If you have a plan-managed plan, we will bill your plan manager directly and receive payments from them.

If you have a self-managed plan, you pay each time your child attends a session and you will be issued a receipt. You will then enter the information into the NDIS portal yourself.

How do I know Speech Pathology is required?

It’s never too early to ask a question or seek advice. Feel free to telephone us to discuss your concerns, and we will be happy to provide obligation free advice about whether an assessment and/or treatment may be warranted, or whether monitoring only is required.

As a general rule, Speech Pathology may be beneficial if:

  • you or others have difficulty understanding your child’s speech
  • your child has difficulty following instructions or understanding new information
  • you often have to repeat or rephrase information and/or instructions for your child
  • your child’s vocabulary and/or ability to form sentences and tell stories is not as great as other children of the same age
  • your child stutters
  • your child speaks very loudly, very softly, or with a harsh or husky voice
  • your child is not keeping up with school work or has below average reading and spelling skills
  • your child has difficulty communicating appropriately in social settings
My child has difficulty with reading and/or spelling, why have I been referred to a Speech Pathologist?

Speech Pathologists work on a range of skills, not just a child’s speech production. They have an important role to play in literacy intervention as they are uniquely positioned to teach an awareness of sounds. Many reading and spelling difficulties stem from poor phonological (sound) awareness. A speech pathologist can teach a child to hear sounds in words correctly and therefore allow them to experience greater success in learning phonic rules.

We teach a ‘phonics-based’ approach to reading and spelling and follow the MultiLit Programme to teach phonic rules.

How long will I need to attend?

Most of our therapy appointments are offered on a weekly basis, although fortnightly or monthly appointments are also available. The number of appointments required will vary depending on the nature and severity of the communication difficulties identified, the client’s “stimulability” for correct productions (that is, how easy it is to achieve the therapy targets correctly), and the amount and quality of practice done between therapy appointments. It’s important to remember that Speech Therapy is not a ‘quick fix’ and it usually takes a number of months or even years to make significant progress.

How long will I need to wait for an appointment?

As we have a team of Speech Pathologists working a range of days, we can usually offer an appointment to suit you within a few days of calling.

How can I get more information?

Contact Speak, Learn and Grow Speech Pathology Services by:

General information about Speech Pathology can be found at: www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au.

Is there a way to access speech pathology services outside the clinic?
At Speak, Learn and Grow we offer off-site speech therapy sessions at home, school, pre-schools and teletherapy sessions.

Travel costs apply for all off-site speech therapy sessions with a Speech Pathologist and/or a Therapy Assistant. Please talk to your speech pathologist or our friendly reception staff regarding off-site and teletherapy services.

I don't have enough NDIS funding to meet my child's needs, what can I do?

Visit The Frankie Foundation website for more information on how you can get more support to meet your child’s need.

The Frankie Foundation aims “to support families who find their NDIS Budget not stretching far enough to support their child’s needs through the duration of their NDIS Plan.”