Therapy Assistant

Need extra support?

What is a Therapy Assistant?

Therapy assistants support your child to practice the skills they learn in therapy. Therapy assistants work in collaboration with a qualified Speech Pathologist to implement an individualised treatment play to support your child along their journey to achieve their unique speech, language and/or literacy goals.

Therapy assistants can provide repetitive practice at a lower rate. Therapy often requires frequent repetition of the same goals and skills until they are fully mastered. Utilising therapy assistants is an ideal way to provide this repetitive practice.

About our Therapy Assistants

At Speak, Learn and Grow we employ therapy assistants who are students, currently studying to become speech therapists.

Our therapy assistants are eager to support your child reach their full potential in an individualised, supportive, and fun way under the guidance of our Speech Therapists. Our therapy assistants are readily available to provide support across a variety of locations in the clinic, at your home, at school and at preschool.

Please note that it is essential that your child continues to receive therapy provided by a qualified Speech Pathologist when accessing our Therapy Assistant services. Therapists are needed to make clinical decisions about the direction of therapy or when to step up goals and therefore we only offer therapy assistant sessions in conjunction with sessions with a qualified therapist.