Each clinician is given individual supervision to focus on her specific needs and questions. Supervision is weekly for at least the first year of working. Thereafter, the clinician decides if she would like to continue with weekly supervision or reduce it to fortnightly.

Kerry Els, the Director and Clinical Supervisor, has attended a number of professional supervision training courses, including Michelle Bihary’s Professional Supervision and Advanced Professional Supervision.

At Speak, Learn and Grow, we embrace the following key principles of Professional supervision, as outlined by Michelle Bihary:

  • Professional supervision is uniquely tailored to the learning needs, style and stages of the supervisee
  • It is co-created by a supervisee and supervisor
  • The primary goal is to best support the professional development and support needs of the supervisee (e.g. this may involve focusing on self-care and prevention of burnout)
  • The supervisee is in the driving seat and she determines the direction and focus of the supervision session
  • It encourages ‘self-directed learning’ and promotes a culture of life-long learning
  • It is a forum for reflection
  • It is a space to step back from the day-to-day activity and reflect on how you do your work and how your work is impacting you

We strive to provide a Psychology Safe environment so that supervision can be all that it is meant to be.